Pre- and Post-Natal Training

be a fit, healthy, strong Mum

Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise

Why it is so important

First of all, if you are expecting or have recently given birth then let me offer you my sincere congratulations!  What an exciting and life changing time you are going through!


I am sure you have a million and one questions about all kinds of topics.  I hope that I can start to answer some of your questions around whether exercise is both safe and appropriate whilst you are pregnant and once you have had your baby.  For more information please do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation, free, informal chat

  • Staying fit, healthy and strong ensures you are better prepared for labour and helps you to have enough energy for looking after your little one when they arrive

  • By exercising during pregnancy you can help to ensure a healthy level of weight gain (pregnancy related weight gain, rather than weight gain through inactivity)

  • The important deep abdominal muscles are trained, which is excellent for improving core strength and stability and helps to prevent lower back pain

  • The pelvic floor muscles are trained, which help support the extra weight during pregnancy, help prevent stress incontinence and much more!

  • Exercise helps to you to de-stress, feel more energetic and can improve quality of sleep

  • It is easier to get back in shape post-natally if you continue to exercise during pregnancy

Pre- and Post-Natal Personal Training

Safe and effective workouts

I am a qualified level 3 pre- and post-natal exercise personal trainer, so I can develop a safe training programme for you both during your pregnancy and after the birth of your child.


Please click on the pictures below for more information about training during pregnancy and postnatally


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