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Pregnancy Training

I am a qualified level 3 pre- and post-natal exercise personal trainer, so I can develop a safe training program for you both during your pregnancy and after the birth of your child.


If you are already a regular exerciser, now is not the time to be pushing your fitness boundaries.  We will need to make some adaptations to your regular workout routine to keep it safe during pregnancy and post-partum.  However, if you are feeling good then there is no reason why you cannot continue to exercise right up until the birth!


If you are brand new to exercise I can develop a programme for you to introduce you to safe exercises which will improve your strength during pregnancy.  I will ensure you are performing all the exercises with good technique and will help teach you to listen to your body.  After the birth we will focus on improving your core strength and pelvic floor muscles and once you and your body are ready for it we will increase the intensity to improve your fitness and help you reach any other post-partum goals you may have.


For more information or to book an informal chat please do not hesitate to contact me.


For more information about training after the baby has been born please click here.

Strength Training

Strength exercises are vital to ensure your joints and muscles are strong and can continue to support the baby as it grows inside you


CV Fitness

Cardio vascular exercises help to keep your heart and lungs fit & healthy. This will also give you more stamina for the birth itself and it will be easier to return to fitness after having the baby

Pelvic Floor

During pregnancy it is important that your pelvic floor muscles are strong enough to support the extra weight of the baby, but you also need to learn to relax your pelvic foor as this will be critical during the birth

How it Works

The Path to Safe & Effective Training


First meeting to get to know each other; discuss your main questions and agree when & where we can train together.
This meeting is free


Fill in a detailed questionnaire so that I can build a personalised programme which will be safe & effective during each trimester


We will go through the programme in detail and work on the technique of the different exercises - this is critical to ensure you reduce the risk of injury and understand why you are doing each move


Training starts - sessions are flexible to fit your lifestyle. Time and place can fit your routine and we will focus on exercises which will be safe for you and the baby


We can continue training up until the birth (as long as you are feeling well!)


When you should not train

  • Absolute Contra-indiciations (you definitely should not be training)
    • Restrictive lung disease

    • Persistent 2nd or 3rd trimester bleeding

    • Placenta praevia after 26 weeks (the placenta partially or wholly blocks the neck of the uterus)

    • Incompetent cervix (premature dilation)

    • Multiple pregnancy at risk of premature labour

    • After your waters have broken

    • Pregnancy induced hypertension (high blood pressure) – pre-eclampsia

    • Premature labour during current pregnancy

  • Relative Contra-indications (you may be able to train, but will need to check with your doctor)
    • Unevaluated maternal cardiac arrythmia (irregular heartbeat)

    • Severe anaemia

    • Chronic bronchitis

    • Extreme morbid obesity

    • Extremely underweight

    • Poorly controlled type I Diabetes

    • Poorly controlled hypertension / pre-eclampsia

    • Heavy smoker

    • Poorly controlled seizure disorder

    • Poorly controlled thyroid disease


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